Dr. Nicholas Andronesco | Professor, Academician | University of Bridgeport

Nicholas AndronescoAn accomplished physics professor, Dr. Nicholas Andronesco has distinguished himself as a faculty member at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut since 2001. He has also taught physics at Fairfield University in the school of engineering, as well as both physics and mathematics for the Bridge Academy’s after school program in Bridgeport. Dr. Andronesco was instrumental in qualifying students for the United States Physics International semi-finals, preparing students for the American League in Mathematics, and was a 1998 coach of the Yale Physics Olympics, as well as an international physics coach in his home country of Romania.  

Highly educated, Dr. Andronesco has completed approximately 440 college credits throughout his career. He received a Bachelor of Science in statistics, economics, cybernetics and artificial intelligence in increasing productivity, as well as a second Bachelor of Science in physics, both in Romania. He later attained a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Bridgeport in 2007 and a Master of Science in physics from Southern Connecticut State University in 2016. Additionally, he has undertook courses in movie production and directing. During his youth, Dr. Andronesco witnessed the pressure his family endured from the Communist regime, which fueled his passion for creating his own path in the arts, and then later in the sciences.

A brilliant academician and researcher, Dr. Andronesco has authored and contributed to several books, studies, papers, articles, journals, short stories, poems, and theses since the 1970s—totaling approximately 1,400 written works. He has authored “Discourse on the Method: Introduction to Cybernetic Analysis Literary,” “Constructivism in Education,” 18 volumes of “Economy & Management,” and seven poetry books. Since 2015, he has been named “Best Romanian Poet, “Best Scientist,” “Best Creator of Prose and Film & Literacy Critic” by the literary magazine, Literatura & Arta, of the Republic of Moldova. Notably, Dr. Andronesco was a nominee for the Nobel Prize Award in the Field of Literature in 2016.

An honorary member of the Academy of Science, Culture & Arts, Dr. Andronesco has also been affiliated with the Romania Society of Physics and Chemistry, German Society for Mathematics, Economy, and Operations Research, and the Bilingual Society of Bridgeport Schools. Looking toward the future, he would like to still be teaching at the collegiate level, but he also hopes to direct movies. He previously achieved his earliest dream by helming the eponymously named film “Nicholas Andronesco.”

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